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Submitted By: leaderadminSubmitted: 9/5/2012
Steve Ballard 165 Valley Road Sulligent, AL 35586 I know its boring and dull to replace all this election drama with some hard facts and numbers - but - sometimes the innuendo and accusations fly a bit to close to home to ignore. Below are links to 3 outstanding, informative and UN-biased articles concerning absentee/early voting trends throughout the country. Sulligent's absentee/early voting numbers fall well below the 25% number that were cast in the 2008 election (when Barack Obama was elected). In the mayor's race in Sulligent, 957 votes were cast. Of those, 169 were absentee - BUT - at least 48 of those were ON-SITE voting - that's votes cast by citizens who valued their vote enough to vote IN PERSON, early. Now, let's get mathematical (not emotional, not personal, not biased - it's simple math). 169 divided by 957 = 17.7% absentee/early voting rate. Break it down further: (169-48)=121 divided by 957 = 12.6% absentee rate. 48 divided by 957 = 5% early voting r

Submitted By: Veronica SandersSubmitted: 9/20/2014
Democrat Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley is considering a run for the oval office. O’Malley’s brand of political correctness comes at the expense of others’ rights. A recent article stated how 50 percent of Marylanders would opt to relocate to another state. I agree. I moved to Maryland in 2006 and always thought it was a great state for opportunity. But with the high taxes and extreme liberalism, I left. When I moved there, I was surprised at how complete strangers thought how I should be responsible for their kids and the state of Maryland did nothing to these women who were willing to dump their kids on total strangers. I had to go to court on several occasions and contact various school districts to prove that I was not responsible for total strangers' children. As a former educator, I was surprised at how the state of Maryland did not intervene to track the negligent mothers and their activities. Being from the heartland of America, we have laws against such behavior. The whole

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